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Fresh Vegetables & Herbs - Why Pay So Much?

Vegetables, Herbs, & Seeds from DT Brown Save Money Save Money with Seeds!

With the ongoing drought in Australia, interest rate rises and the ever-growing cost of fuel, it's time to look for ways to save money on the grocery bill. Vegetables, herbs, and fruit account for much of this bill so you can save hundreds by growing your own vegetables and herbs in a kitchen garden; and you'll have a year round supply of the healthiest vegetables and freshest herbs.

It's easy to get started too! Our tip for growing vegetables and herbs at home is to use a sunny corner of your garden or patio that gets five or more hours of sunlight a day. You can use any large container to grow vegetables and herbs: such as large pots, tyre stacks, polystyrene boxes & plastic crates.

Next time you're buying supermarket vegetables and herbs, ask yourself if you might grow them at home - you'll be pleasantly surprised at the flavour, and the savings are an added bonus!

Seeds Guaranteed To Grow

Quality Garden Seeds - GuaranteedAt DT Brown, we source the very best seeds and garden products from across the world. All our seeds must pass strict germination tests before they can be packed. Our heritage of quality gardening at best value prices ensures you'll get a great result from our seeds & products every time.

If, for some reason, your purchase does not perform to your satisfaction, we will gladly replace the seeds or product for you.