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DT Brown Seed Sowers offer a quick, easy and effective way to cover large areas of ground with a bright array of flowers. Simply prepare the soil finely and add a little fertiliser. Lightly scatter the special seed and vermiculite mixture onto the soil and rake over. Keep well-watered and free from pests and within twelve to fourteen weeks, you will have a beautiful floral display. Quote

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Great Value, Quality Products

At DT Brown, we take great care to offer products that will perform well in Australia's often-difficult gardening conditions. Our seeds are germination-tested and must exceed 90% in-vitro germination to be packed. Our full replacement guarantee is your assurance of the highest quality.

Tasty Vegetable Seeds

Tasty Vegetable Seeds Australians love vegetable gardening, and each year growing home garden produce becomes more and more popular, particularly in light of ever-increasing food prices, fuel prices and concerns for the environment. We offer all the favourite and trusted varieties, as well as few choice specialties for the enthusiast.

Beautiful Flower Seeds

Tasty Vegetable Seeds It's really easy to add superb colour throughout the year to your garden. Children love flowers and many are just perfect for young hands to plant, nurture and pick as needed. Summer favourites like sunflowers and nasturtiums offer fast-growing, long-lasting beauty and with their large seeds are easy to simply 'pop in' and forget. Try some this season!

Spice Up Any Meal With Herbs

Tasty Vegetable Seeds Herbs are great all-year-round ingredients to have on hand for the kitchen. They are so easy to grow from seed and it's worth having a few pots of basil, chives, dill, thyme and sage on the windowsill. Generally they prefer warm conditions where they will grow quickly and with lush leafy foliage that's packed with flavour!

Spring and Summer Flowering Bulbs

Tasty Vegetable Seeds Our range of bulbs gets bigger each year! With spring-flowering favourites like Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths and Dutch Iris, you can achieve style, colour and cut flowers at low cost for many seasons! Our summer range includes exotic Liliums, Gladioli, Dahlias and popular kitchen garden produce including Potatoes, Asparagus and Strawberries!

Seed Raising Kits

Tasty Vegetable Seeds The easy way to start seeds! Our Seed Raisers offer an all-in-one kit to provide the optimum conditions for seed germination, specially ideal for warm-season crops like tomatoes, cucumbers and marigolds. We offer 20 different seed varieties and each kit contains seeds, quality seed-raising mix, greenhouse lid and seed tray.

Seed Sower Packs

Tasty Vegetable Seeds If you have a spare piece of garden and you need to fill it with colour quickly and easily, our Seed Sowers offer an easy 'shake and rake' way of seeding the area. All you need to do is prepare the ground well, scatter the special seed and vermiculite mix and lightly rake over. Keep the soil moist and within days, the young seedlings will begin to emerge. A great way to fill a sunny corner of the garden!